How You Can Help

It Takes a Community to End Homelessness…

A recent “point in time” survey found 163 persons homeless in Bullitt County. Reasons for homelessness include illness, personal loss of a loved one, job loss and injury but the primary cause of homelessness is a lack of affordable housing and low income. In no jurisdiction in the US does a full-time minimum-wage worker earn enough to afford to rent a modest apartment.

In Kentucky, a minimum wage earner can afford monthly rent of no more than $268 and must work 79 hours per week to afford a two-bedroom unit. When spending over 30% of one’s income on housing, just one crisis can lead to homelessness. Homelessness creates a myriad of social problems and impacts every member of a community.

TSSI urges every citizen, organization, agency, business, church and community leader to unite in efforts to end homelessness in Bullitt County.

It Takes a Home to Raise a Child…

Homelessness creates enormous strain on families, increasing the likelihood that families will separate or dissolve. When TSSI units are full, the only option is referral to shelters in neighboring counties, some of which require the break up of families – accommodating older male youth in a separate facility, and/or requiring married couples to separate. Parents seeking stability for their children may house them temporarily with relatives and they may be shifted from home to home.

Research indicates that homeless children are more likely to be in poor health and experience developmental delays. Not surprisingly, homeless children are more likely to experience mental health problems such as anxiety and depression and exhibit behavioral problems.

Children who are homeless have lower academic achievement, exacerbated by frequent moves and psychological stress. Stress on homeless children leaves them vulnerable to repeating the cycle of homelessness when they become adults. Please join TSSI in efforts to insure the children of Bullitt County their right to a safe and comfortable home and a healthy lifestyle.

You Can Make a Difference…

Plan your own event to benefit Shepherd’s Shelter – We work with many organizations, including Sky Advertising Directory to use sky banners for aerial advertising of events, and individuals to plan independent community-sponsored events including: concerts, silent auctions, social events and festivals to benefit Shepherd’s Shelter. If you’re planning an event and would like the proceeds to benefit our works. Please contact us.